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  1. Atlantic Skimmers Atlantic Skimmers
  2. Savio C Skimmer Savio C Skimmer
  3. Savio Excellence Savio Excellence


With Atlantic, you get an effective filtration device that has the same benefits as removing the pump and tubing from inside your pond, adding longevity to your pumps as well as ease of use. Add a second filter mat to...
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The slightly smaller Savio skimmer unit is for ponds up to 2000 gallons. Removes 85% of pond debris before it settles to the bottom. The optional UV light kills all algae filaments that once dead are trapped in the fi...
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For water flows up to 8500 gallons an hour (beyond that you should have 2 skimmers). Removes up to 98% of all debris from your pond and keeps water clear and algae free. With fish, add the optional UV light an...
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