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SOLD OUT FOR 2016 - Check back December 1 to preorder over 140 varieties for spring 2017. Lotus are only Shipped February through May which is the only time of year lotus can be planted. Due to the tender nature of the roots, once tubers break dormancy they can no longer survive being transplanted which is why they are only sold as dormant tubers in the spring. ALSO note to all those looking for Cut flowers (weddings/photo shoots), lotus are not sold as cut flowers as they only last a day or two once removed from the plant and when the sun angle is low they are not flowering in the northern hemisphere so flowers cannot be ordered, if you want them they need to be grown locally to cut in the summer or early fall.
  1. Early Blooming Lotus Early Blooming Lotus
  2. Heavy Blooming Lotus Heavy Blooming Lotus
  3. Tea Cup / Exquisite Of Bowl Lotus / Dwarf Tea Cup / Exquisite Of Bowl Lotus / Dwarf
  4. Small Lotus / Dwarf Small Lotus / Dwarf
  5. Large Lotus Large Lotus


Landon Fertilizer 1 lb bag  +
16"x7" Hardy Waterlily / Small Lotus Container +

Ken Landon Waterlily fertilizer: This package will treat 3-8 Full size plants for 3 months (80-90 days) per treatment in a 1 or 2 gallon container (hardy lilies need larger containers than annuals) or twice that...
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The LOTUS: Know it and Grow it Book!
This Book Will Answer Your Lotus Questions & Delight Your Eyes For thousands of years lotuses have fascinated people for their religion, phi...
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16 wide x7 deep dimensions . Provides best performance for water lilies and small to medium lotus. Some pond owners mistakenly believe that their new plants will simply float on the water’s surface. In fac...
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Cooked calcined clay. Get 2x the amount by adding up to 50% heavy topsoil (NOT POTTING SOIL) or 50% non cooked calcined clay (this is often an all natural clay found at auto part stores as an oil/quick dry pickup prod...
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