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Annual Oxygenating Pond Plants

Pond Plants, non-hardy. Annual Pond Plants for above or below water.


8" Wide small fabric planter great for low growing surface plants, adjustable 6 to 12" tall +
JUNGLE VAL (Vallisneria americana) submerged pond plants +

8" wide fabric planter; PERFECT for Low growing marginal / surface water garden plants. Adjustable sides 12" tall but can be folded down to 6". March Marigolds, golden club, oxygenating subme...
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JUNGLE VAL (Vallisneria americana) Has ribbon-like leaves that grow toward the surface. Use with pond plant small containers. Plant several bunches together in a pot with soil. Survives Zones 5-11, will die back...
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Designed for Water Gardening, Pond and Pool Maintenance 22" length waterproof nitrile coated pond gloves with comfortable cotton lining. Rough finished palm for better grip. Machine washable.  Easy for picking up...
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Red Ludwigia (Submerged Water Garden Plants) +

Red Star Ludwigia (Ludwigia glandulosa) : Large 2-3" leaves that form at one leaf per node. Under good conditions this plant will turn reddish purple. This submerged pond plant has a very low tendancy to br...
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