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Landon Fertilizer 1 lb bag  +
Landon Fertilizer 2oz (single use regular lily) 2 uses on young lilies. +
Mosquito Bits, 8oz    SUM11612 +

Ken Landon Waterlily fertilizer: This package will treat 3-8 Full size plants for 3 months (80-90 days) per treatment in a 1 or 2 gallon container (hardy lilies need larger containers than annuals) or twice that...
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2 oz single use packet for a 1 to 2 gallon pot size, Landon Fertilizer: Ken Landon Waterlily fertilizer: This package will treat 8-10 Waterlily plants for almost 3 months (80 days) per treatment or twice that nu...
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Natural and organic, no poisons. Kills mosquito larvae in the pond within 24 hours. 4 oz treats 1000 square feet of pond surface. Prevent Marshy areas inundated with mosquito larvae. Just sprinkle Mosquito BitsŪ (Qui...
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