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Our Nursery of Pond Plants

There are multiple locations of our nurseries / growing facilities. Both the time of year that you order and what pond plants are on the order will depend on what location ships the order. 
It does not matter what state or location you are in for the most part. If you are in Washington state it may take 2-3 days to get a package from Florida just as it may take 2-3 days to get a package from Oregon. 

We will do our best to ship by as faster route if possible. We ship both by USPS priority mail which can take 2 or more days sometimes 3,4, or 5 though they only advertise 2 to 3 day so it is a very risky form of shipping we never endorse. 

FedEx is another option. We have a 1-3 day select which depending on your area may take 1 to 3 day service. In much of the country we may only be able to ship that on a Monday or Tuesday. There is also a FedEx expidited 2 day service which is very expensive though it is guaranteed delivery in those 2 days and the plants come exceptionally fresh. If you are within 1 or 2 days ground (the less expensive fedex service) and choose the 2 day express we will notify you and change to the less expensive service for you. 

Our Promise & Delivery 


We grow the finest water plants for you water gardens guaranteed.
Delivery early in the year is at normal spring planting time for your area unless you specify sooner or a special date. Here is a video of the southern Nursery.

More photos and videos soon!

Water Lilies , Floating Pond Plants

Water Lilies, floating pond plants, and bog plants are all sold as grown plants. Annual Water Lilies usually arrive with buds or blooms during the growing season. Call us to place orders by phone 330-488-2115 during business hours or email us anytime orders@pondmegastore.com for questions.


Wholesale Pond Plants, Water Lilies, Water Hyacinths now available to garden centers and some pet stores.

Contact us for details. We do not sell 'cut flowers' for events as water lilies close when out of the sun and only have a 3 day bloom cycle. Pond Lotus only available in season late January until May or June when the supply runs out. Thank you!