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Water gardens should be easy!

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Pond shops and websites will try and sell you products you should not honestly need... let us review a few products.
Water testing all the time?
        It is easy to keep a balanced pond in perfect condition. Plants are natural buffers that remove chemical compounds and heavy metals. Ph is high in most of the USA and fish are acclimated to ph in the 7s and 8s. 9.0 is pretty high but will affect plants before fish. Get concrete out of the pond as it will release lime into the water increasing the ph. If it is below 8.9 do not bother trying to lower the ph. Nitrites and ammonia are ONLY caused by over feeding fish. If you have any problem with them just stop feeding your fish, they do not need fed from jars or bags remember in the wild they eat algae and bugs. Chlorine Remover:
    Do you have chlorine in your tap water or Chloramines ? If you have chlorine then do not bother with any "removers", Chlorine evaporates 100% within 24 hours and partial refills of a pond have little effect on fish. If your water treatment plant puts Chloramines in the water that is harsher and you should use a neutralizer.
UV sterilizers:
      If you have the proper amount of plants in the pond to offset fish waste you will never have green water. Green water is actually often very healthy for fish. If you use a uv light put it inline "before" the filter in line so that the filter catches the dead algae particles before they go back into the pond.
Do not put pond plants in rocks, pea gravel, or kitty litter.
      Most Aquatic plants are heavy feeders and your plants will not produce proper flowers or foliage. Except for submerged grasses most pond plants that are potted like heavy soils (loam - heavy topsoil/clay mix) with fertilizer slow release in the soils. Pitcher plants or carnivourous plants do well in sandy poor soil and should not be fertilized.
Dye for algae control:
       Companies now make blue and black pond dye. The black is actually quite attractive, the blue looks pretty odd. Too much dye will stop emerging plants like grasses, lotus, and lilies from heading to the surface quickly.
What do we add to ponds?
        Plants, Fish, and in the spring some beneficial bacteria and barley straw extract. Granular fertilizer and fertilizer tablets are all you should really need for the entire year.
        In the fall a protective net covering if near trees dropping leaves and pond deicer in zones 3-7. Perhaps a netting for getting debris from the pond. That is about it.
        Plant containers are sometimes better use than plant baskets. Marginal plants grow through the sides of baskets eventually tipping them over. We suggest more solid containers.