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Shipping Schedule



Water Lotus

1. Lotus Tubers are sent early & separate from the rest of the plants. We grow them on a separate farm and they will arrive EARLY in spring and are sent First Come - First Serve. 
Because these are Dormant they are easily stored in your refrigerator as dormant tubers until proper planting time. We send great directions and just simply follow those and there should be no problems. 


All other Water Garden Plants

USDA Zones have nothing to do with spring temperature times, coastal west zone 9 is far colder than southeast zone 9. We would never send tropical plants to two cities in the same zone on the same week.

For those of you ordering plants for indoor use, lab use, pets ... submerged oxygenators and floating plants we can usually ship all year. 
We will not ship lilies or marginal bog plants in winter or early spring any longer due to both cold and their smaller size. Customers seem to expect them to be large all year and they are not large in winter months when they are dormant. Marginals and Lilies will begin shipping to even warm parts of FL and Hawaii sometime in March (late March on Many plants, and even April on a few slower plants). Contact us and we can let you know what looks good early. 

ORDERS WITH ALL PERENNIAL HARDY PLANTS: These can begin shipping when night temperatures are around 40-45 consisitantly. No exceptions. Not last frost - when WE deem your weather to be adequate based on what you ordered. We use Accuweather.com and assign dates to orders after they come in based on zip codes and seeing what was ordered. Adding just one tropical cold sensitive plant to your order likely pushes the date back 2-3 weeks. 

ORDERS with ANY annual / tropical cool sensitive plants: We will ship your orders when night temperatures average around 45-51 degrees. NO Earlier exceptions. Note if there will be an unacceptable ship date in the notes section on the checkout.

Tadpoles , Fish, and Snails are cold blooded. We can ship them pretty early in spring. 

We advise NOT shipping to Postal Boxes (boxes get hot and customers do not see packages in boxes).
There is No Guarantees via MAIL on live products though customers continually roll dice in order to save money. The post office does not guarantee their arrival on any dates, they are all estimates. In our experience looking at tracking 84-85% arrive in 2 or 3 days 95% arrive in 4 days and the other 5% is 5,6,7 or more days. Please do not call us and be angry if you choose mail becuase it is less expensive.

Thursday 6:30am through Monday by 6:30am
 will ship Tuesday both FedEx and Priority Mail



Monday 6:30am - Tuesday 6:30am will ship  
Memorial Day to October 7th by US mail | will ship the following Monday as Mail will not guarantee the plants arrive by Saturday at this point and sitting trucks can reach 180 degrees.
October 8th - Winter and up til Memorial day weekend | will ship Wednesdays By Mail and Fedex
Fedex will ship to any location that can get 3 day ground delivery (residential) by Saturday or Business by Friday .... (this is NOT Express 2 day Fedex which is more than 2 times as costly)

Orders Placed Tuesday 6:30am through Thursday 6:30am 
Will ship the following Monday or first day of the week if a Holiday. Both mail or Fedex options

Fedex online checkout is 2 day ground service in much of the southeast, or 3 day express saver (3 day cannot ship after Tuesday as these must arrive by Friday) so ordering Fedex Tuesday or later will ship the following week. 
Fedex Shipping Map

Orders Placed Tuesday 6:30am through Thursday 6:30am (ALL TIMES EASTERN ZONE)

Will ship the following Monday or first day of the week if a Holiday. Both mail or Fedex options


 Update version - proper planting time spring orders continued

*Some extreme Zone 6, 7, 8 Pacific coastal regions (CA, OR, WA) are mild in winter but very very cool all spring and into summer. If your highs are not in the upper 70s every day we do not suggest the #3 cool sensnitve plants listed above. You can email us directly to request times or ask about times. We use Accuweather.com daily average data for each shipment and want your water temperature above 55 degrees. We average daily high & daily low temperatures. 


Dry goods  (pumps / filters / non-living items) and some lotus if ordering dormant are shipped right away.

Plants arrive within 2-3 days of shipping date. There is a shipping request & shipping instructions request box for you on the final page of the online checkout.

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