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Pond Algae solutions

Pond Algae,


You may at some point find yourself dealing with either string algae growing from the side of the pond or rocks or perhaps green pea soup looking water where algae is free floating.


Algae is natures response to minerals and nutrients in the pond not being removed by our two friends, pond plants and natural beneficial bacteria. All three living organisms will compete for the nutrients in the water. We would prefer for the pretty water garden plants and some unseen beneficial bacteria to remove the nutrients rather than getting an algae bloom.


Pond plants and their containers do not cause algae so please do not be afraid to add good heavy soil in containers to the pond. Pond Plant fertilizer is nearly always iron free which means that it is not going to cause an algae bloom.


Pond plants remove nutrients (often decaying debris, minerals from stone, and mainly fish waste from the water). This leaves the water clean. Floating plants and waterlilies which are planted also help shade part of the pond.


Shade is important to prevent algae and also to protect fish from too much sunlight and predators like birds.


Over feeding fish is a huge culprit of pond algae problems. Chemicals may kill the algae for 3 days but the dead particles return to algae as soon as the chemical dissipates in the water. A vicious cycle of time, money, and unhappy pond owners.


Biological filters are decent, pond plants are better. Some submerged grasses like hornwort and some floating plants can remove more biomass in ten days than a small filter may in a summer.


Water hyacinths and Water lettuce are great in the states they are legal. Due to their ability to spread rapidly they are banned in some states like SC, FL, TX, LA, AL and a few more if you see our restricted state list.


Waterlilies are legal everywhere and are amazing at controlling algae growth, growing from just a couple inches deep to nearly five feet on the larger hardy varieties they have a range of solutions, sizes, and come in many colors.