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Best Pond Fish for Me?

Fish are great,
But overloading a pond with fish can have poor consequences

In ponds that are smaller you want to not overload the pond with fish waste. Goldfish can grow with the size of the surrounding enviroment. Koi will grow to 30 inches or more. 

-Koi will become fairly destructive to plants as they grow beyond 12 inches

-Koi can add lots of waste to the pond using up oxygen quickly and adding to the ammonia and nitrite load in the pond. This can cause 
1. Dirty water
2. Algae Blooms
3. Fish death in low oxygen enviroments during ice cover in winter and hot weather in summer

You can add more fish load in the pond if you do not feed them. We feed pond fish because we want too, if you dont feed them fish food they eat their natural diet of algae and small bug larvae. It is best NOT to feed the fish as the waste is less, your water is clean, and there is less chance of low oxygen levels. 

Goldfish (Comets, Sarasa comets), Shubunkins (calico goldfish), Rosey Minnows, Golden Orfs make great pond fish in ponds smaller than maybe 16 feet long and 8 feet wide. 

Koi are suitable in ponds larger than the one described above. 

Once you have a good amount of pond fish, and a healthy balanced eco system, do not add even 1 more fish. That one fish could bring in a new disease and wipe you out. Its very sad and sometimes costly. 

Fish ponds need not be real deep. 2 feet to 3 feet is good for cool water in the summer and hiding from preadators. 
Don't build them in a bowl shape, if you need to get in and clean out the pond its nice to have levels to step down. A shallow area is good to view fish.

Tench or some catfish can also make decent pond fish.  

Fantails, Loinshead, Moores, and Orandas can be put in a pond but are easy lunch for cats, birds, and other preadators.