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Lotus Plants For Sale from a Trusted Source


Lotus Plants for Sale from a Trusted Source


      Laura Bancroft is the largest grower and farmer of Lotus in the United States at the moment. With over 200 varieties grown and cared for by her and a wonderful small crew. Many are beautiful varieties brought over years ago through a college program which ended and needed a new home of that collection. Some other she has either hybridized herself or named from collected seed from the official lotus registrar. We have a new Lotus only website where you can learn much more in detail about buying lotus plants for sale or growing sacred lotus.

All hybrid lotus are harvested and sold as tubers in late winter or early spring before they break dormancy. The tubers which are more narrow but similar to potatoes are starchy and long but have star shaped hollow air chambers. These cannot be broken as they are breathable airways for the plants. This is why the lotus are not sold as live plants, when the air chambers are not tough dormant tubers they are thin runners once they break dormancy and they snap and fill with water. We only ship fresh, extremely healthy vigorous tubers.


How do I grow a Lotus

Tubers are easy to grow you just need to follow a few tips.
Properly grown lotus from tubers should have no issue blooming the first year. It is usually rotten or bruised imported tubers which are weak that do not bloom. If you do not follow the included directions then you probably may not be successful. Again, it is quite easy but each step is important.

The seed the right amount of room.
They need a lot of sunlight. You cannot fertilize them too early.
They can be burned. Do not drown them, they are shallow water plants.
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Yes you can grow Lotus from a seed, only one of the two species or an unnammed new seedling will be coming from seed, no hybrids will be true genetically from a seed.
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Also note there is NO blue lotus. Only blue waterlilies. Images of blue lotus on the internet are photoshopped.