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Pond Plant Tips, Pond Plants & Water lilies

Shipping Info / Planting Directions (below)

Please read if you have not ordered before.

2017 Live Plants, Shipping Safe to your Home

Properly planting your pond plants is an important part of a plants' growth and production of blossoms. Remember many pond plants, like water lettuce, are tropical and cannot tolerate night temperature below 45 degrees without yellowing. Pond Plants ship anytime after it is safe from spring freeze/frost and tropical plants after water is consistant above 60 degrees two feet deep. Shipping is calculated when you put your address into the cart. Most shipping outside Alaska and Hawaii is $8 to $14. Only Lotus can be shipped inernationally.

Science Lab / Indoor Turtle Feeding People and the like ordering submerged oxygenators / azolla / duckweed ... things like that only... we try to ship ALL winter if it is not too terrible cold. 

SOUTH Florida / Hawaii ...  Hardiness Zone 10-11 Begin Shipping 3rd Week in March or 1st available date of all plants on order

Any Location Orders With all Perennial / HARDY Plants Ship when NIGHT temperatures AVERAGE 40-45 degrees (not during your first nice days of the year or last frost date - NO exceptions)

Orders With ANY ANNUAL / TROPICAL Plants Ship when NIGHT temperatures AVERAGE 46-50 degrees  (not during first nice days of the year or last frost - NO exceptions)

Why no exceptions? because every year folks beg for plants early and then call to complain something is wrong with them. We are letting you know very much upfront we will send you nice healthy plants at the proper appropiate planting time. if you will be out of town at any point please indicate that in the notes section of the checkout so we do not ship that week. 


*Water Lettuce, Taro, Canna, Tropical Lilies, & Mosaic Plant are too sensitive to risk sending during cool weather.

*Fish, tadpoles, and snails can be sent most of the year even in cold water.
Plants Ship From MD, FL, AL, OH. You may get more than one box depending on what you order. Plants arrive via 2-3 day priority mail. FedEx or UPS may be available but please call us to arrange this.
Order ONLINE by 6:30AM Monday east coast time for same week shipping to most locations.
Order Tues-Thurs and your plants ship the upcoming Monday
Order Fri-Mon and plants ship the upcoming Tuesday
Most plants ship priority mail unless 1 day ground is quicker from our facility. Most FL order ship 1 day ground. 
Pond Snails normally ship Monday/Tuesday after the order is placed and ship standard separate from plants or dry goods 1-3 day delivery.
Pond Fish ship  Express one to three days after the order is placed. 
We advise ordering early to ensure plants go right out during your early planting time. Orders with Tropical plants are sent normally as your water temps hit 65 to 70 degrees or warmer. In the checkout online you may indicate no substitutes in our comments box. On the rare occasion we run out of a plant, lets say a medium light blue lily with mottled leaves a similar meduim light blue lily with mottled leaves will be substituted if available. You can indicate "hold for available do not substitute", "send after 'X' date as we will be out of town or unavailable", "no subs" (delivery confirmation numbers beginning with 9 are typically USPS priority mail numbers,).
A Few Restricted Plants in these states: AL, AR, AZ, CA, CT, ME, MI, NH, OK, OR, SC, VT, WA click on the photos of a plant to read the detail on any restrictions if  you are unaware of which plants are restricted. Most are floating plants like hyacinths, parrots feather, or water lettuce or the submerged plant Anacharis. Ordering restricted plants may be substituted with similar varieties. There is a 30% restocking fee on returned equipment/ drygoods / merchandise. There are no returns on live merchandise. Merchandise must be received in the condition they were shipped. Heavy or large dry good orders may be sent separately from plants as not to harm them in a box. Please inspect your merchandise when it arrives, any claims should be made within 24 hours of delivery so we can help you with any delivery problems. Please choose no substitutions in the checkout if you only want one specific plant species.
Aquatic Planting & Growing Instructions
(Watch us)  www.YouTube.com/PondMegastore ) See our NEW Pond Plant videos featuring waterlilies on Identify Waterlilies/>&#13;&#10;<br><p><div>&#13;&#10;&#13;&#10;&#13;&#10;&#13;&#10;&#13;&#10;&#9;<a  data-cke-saved-href=
Tropical Water Lilies -- See our NEW planting videos on waterlilies
(Annuals) Buying Day and night blooming- tropical water lilies: should be planted in pots at least 10" in diameter (a smaller container will result in a smaller plant). 2-7 Gallon pots are good for tropical lilies. Add 2-4 fertilizer tablets, then continue to fill the pot to about 1 inch from the top. The tuber should be set upright with the roots buried gently in top soil or heavy soil (NOT potting soil). Make sure the tip of the tuber is not buried. Next, add an half inch of pea gravel or lava rock in order to prevent the soil from escaping from the container. Use lava rock if koi uproot your plants. Remember to keep the gravel away from the crown of the tuber. The plant can now be lowered into the water to a depth of approximately 6-8 inches over the crown of the water lily. As the plant grows, it can be lowered to a depth of 12-18 inches. tropical water lilies cannot tolerate cold temperatures and should not be planted until the water temperature reaches at least 70 degrees. Planting too early can cause dormancy and restrict the potential growth of the plant. Tropicals bloom from late spring through early fall, depending on the weather. Fertilizer tablets should be added every 3-4 weeks.
Hardy Water Lilies (Perennial)
See Diagram Buying Hardy water lilies: planted in much the same way as the tropicals using a heavy topsoil / clay and 2-3 fertilizer tablets. Hardy lilies grow horizontally across the container so a wide pot is necessary for planting (a 14 or 16 inch pot is the best container). The rhizome should be planted at one edge of the container with the rhizome planted at an angle of about 45 degrees with the crown exposed. Top with an half inch of pea gravel or lava rock. The plant can be lowered to a depth of 6-12 inches to begin with, and then lowered to a depth of 12 - 24 inches as the plant grows. Hardy lilies should be planted in early spring and should be fertilized every 2-4 weeks. They bloom from May through September depending on the weather, and become dormant during the colder months. As spring approaches, growth will begin again.
Hardy Lotus (Perennial)
Buying Lotus: come in several sizes from dwarf types that will grow in a three or four gallon container to the standards which are better off in a fifteen to thirty gallon container. Fill the container with the same soil that you would use for a water lily and fertilize with 4-6 tabs of tablet fertilizer per gallon of soil. Place the tuber with the cut portion against the edge of the potting container. Place a stone on the tuber to hold it in place and add more soil but do not cover the growing point. Cover only with a couple of inches of water until the plant is growing well and then it can be lowered to several inches of water over the pot. Standard lotus that are planted in too small of a container will not bloom well. After the lotus are well established they can be fertilized every month during the growing season. Lotus are hardy and should come back year after year.
Hardy Shallow Water Plants & Tropical Shallow Water Plants
When purchasing marginal pond plants arrive they should be planted in individual containers of approximately ( 10 x 6 to 12 x 7 inch plastic pots). Plant as you would the lilies in a heavy soil, but when adding fertilizer tablets, use 1-2 tablets for each gallon of soil. These plants should be fertilized about every 3-4 weeks. Marginal plants should be lowered to a depth of only 1-3 inches. They grow out of the water and are usually found at the water's edge.